Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service

I. Object of the company
The object of the company is the trade and production of spare parts and wearing parts for laser cutting machines. The fulfillment of orders given and accepted shall be given by the company in its own name.

II. Obligations of the Customer
1. The client confirms with the order that he has acquired all the necessary rights of use of the holders of copyrights, protection rights and other rights in the advertising documents and texts he has provided and is free to dispose of them. 2. The customer indemnifies the company from all costs and claims of third parties that may arise from the infringement of copyright, competition, press, criminal or other legal provisions with the company. 4. If orders for reasons which are within the risk area of ​​the client are not carried out or are carried out incorrectly, the agreed order will nevertheless be invoiced to the client. If the company is not at fault in the faulty or non-performance, the customer has no claims against the company.
III. Right of withdrawal
1. The company reserves the right, even after conclusion of the contract, to refuse the contract for reasons which make it unacceptable for the company to perform the contract. This is particularly the case if the execution violates copyright, competition, press, criminal or other legal provisions. . If the company is not to blame for the unreasonableness of the execution of the contract, then this reimbursement claim must be deducted from the costs already incurred by the company. Any further claims of the customer are excluded. If, in such a case, no payments have yet been made by the Customer, the Company may demand compensation for expenses already incurred.

IV. Cancellation
1. The cancellation of orders by the customer is in principle possible and must be done in writing. For cancellations we can charge a cancellation fee of up to 20% of the order value.

V. Prices
1. The prices of the company valid at the time of conclusion of the contract shall apply to the contracts, unless otherwise agreed in the contract. 2. Price changes for the execution of orders for already agreed and confirmed orders can be made after the company has previously been notified and communicated to the customer. In this case, the customer is entitled to a right of withdrawal, which must be exercised by declaration within five working days after receipt of the notification.

VI. scope
1. The following conditions apply exclusively to all initial, current and future transactions to be concluded / concluded with the company. The company does not accept any terms and conditions of the customer which deviate from these general terms and conditions. These will not become part of the contract even if the company does not expressly object to them. 2. With the creation of the order the exclusive validity of these terms and conditions is accepted by the customer.

VII. Contract conclusion
1. A contract between the company and the customer comes either through a written order confirmation by letter, fax or e-mail from the company or by the fulfillment of the order by the company. The company has the right to reject orders which have not yet been confirmed even without giving reasons. 2. Orders placed by the customer verbally and order changes of already confirmed orders shall only be effective if they have been confirmed by the company in writing. 3. The contracts valid at the time of conclusion of the contract shall be valid for the contracts.

VIII. Liability
2. For damages, irrespective of the legal basis, the company is only liable in the case of willful intent, gross negligence and absence of an assured property. This also applies to fulfillment or legal aid and legal representatives of the company. 3. In all other cases the company is only liable if essential contractual obligations (cardinal obligations) are violated. Damage compensation is limited to typically foreseeable damage. There is no compensation for atypical or unforeseeable damage. 4. The company is not liable for incorrect and incorrect installation or handling of the goods received.

IX. Disclaimer of liability
It therefore dissociates itself from all third-party content, even if the company has placed a link on these external pages. This applies to all links displayed on the homepage and to all contents of the pages to which the banners and links lead, as well as to foreign entries in the company